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Title Launch 'Myung-Stella' in the data recovery solution Korean market
Writer myunginfo
Date 2019-01-14
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At New Year 2019, Data recovery total solution " Myung Stellar " which is a proprietary brand.
In order to reshape the data recovery market to its customers, we are launching " Myung Stellar" total recovery solution in Korea in cooperation with Stellar, an Indian data recovery solution company that has been cooperating for 15 years.
Stella is an easy, cheap, safe, and self program.
These four features completely change the existing recovery paradigm.

First, it is easy to use. Dat recovery is known to be left to the data expert but Myung-Stellar only has to follow the program sequence so that anyone can easily recover it.
Second, there is a way to solve the problem if the customer who has not been able to request the recovery due to the high repair cost is only a few thousand won.
Third, in order to save the cost of recovery, there are many cases where it is impossible to recover by downloading the program and attempting to recover the data and covering the data.
Fourth, It is self-program. Anyone is reluctant to open their personal data to others. If the user can recover by himself with a few clicks, it is a big advantage in business continuity.

Myung Info. Tech. provides Four type like Standard, Professional, Premium, Technician.
Standard is for general use.
Professional is, it can perform hard disk monitoring and image work.
If a photo or video is damaged and does not open, Premium version is needed to restore it.
Technician is a useful program for engineers, including Server and RAID functions.

If you do not recover after attempting to repair Myung Stellar after purchase, you can get a discount on S/W purchasing price if you ask for data recovery to us.
Meanwhile,  If you can not solve the problem due to severe damage to the storage medium or in case of complicated systems such as Server and RAID, Specialized data recovery service way is prepared.
In a state-of-the-art Class 100 clean room, a professional team provides specialized data recovery services.

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