Scientific Crime Investigation Technique
- Digital Forensics

Providing professional computer forensics services to Lawyers, Companies and each individual customers.

1. What is the Digital Forensics?


Forensics means the method of scientific crime investigation. It was using medical field before.

According to developing of IT technologies and changing to rapidly digital information age, the usage of digital devices and level of dependence are getting high. As a result, the research about scientific crime investigation of digital devices is being started.

The field of newest security services that collect electronic information that computers and digital devices have, analyze computer history, and check the user footprint is called digital forensics.

Now, according to being diversification of digital evidence storage and transmission media, the field of digital forensics, which started on personal computers is rapidly expanding to network forensics, mobile forensics and disaster response forensics. In addition, it has become a must have method not only for domestic investigations, such as prosecutors and police, but also for civil disputes such as businesses and financial companies.

2. Digital evidence

[Digital evidence data for admissibility]


Digital data has difficult handling procedure because of forgery and alteration. If there is any lack of procedure until submit the analyzed contents to the court, it might lose the value of professional evidence. Therefore, we have to take care of it.

It has to be proceed the ties storage procedure from collection to submission. Most importantly, we have to collect the verified evidence which has legal force.

3. Digital forensics service process


Free Consultation
Scope of analysis
Resoultion way set-up
Analysis progress
Result report
Court submission

* All of the digital forensics service will be progress according to basic procedure principal.

4. Requires a vast range of knowledge, skills, and experience

[Digital forensics expert and professional equipment can handle rigid digital forensic issues]


5. Core Competitiveness

1) Cyber National Disaster Response Company
2) Data Recovery Training to the Intelligence and governmental institution
3) Possession the digital forensics lab facility
4) Using by verified forensics solution from governmental institution
5) Using by authenticated digital forensics tool
6) Possess the expert of digital forensics national license
7) Possession the patent of digital forensics
      - Including the way of check and mark the hidden area in the write-protection device for HDD forensics
8) Support the data recovery training to the government and digital forensics lab establishment
9) Agreement about digital forensics task with Investigation center in Ministry of Defense