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How about the international shipping fee and how long does it take?
Shipping cost is prepaid by our company.
The delivery time varies depending on the region and it usually takes about 2~3 days.
Should we send only by courier for data recovery or repair service?
In case of data recovery, the courier as EMS, DHL, etc. is most often used.
When sending by courier service, please use the air cap, newspaper, etc. for the goods you want to send, so that the second shock will not occur during shipping.
In case of LCD or equipment repair, it is possible to send the courier service, but it is recommended to send it after discussion with the person in charge for the shipping method in consideration of quantity, size, shipping cost, and safety.
How long does it take to work?
It depends on the symptoms.
Customer Order => Initial Diagnosis / Consultation => Receive goods => Precision Diagnosis => Create Copy => S/W OR H/W Work => Data Extraction => Final Inspection => Data Check => Backup
Data recovery is proceeded by this process, it usually takes about 2~3 days and depending on some symptoms, we have more work time with the customer's consent.
How level of the data recovery engineer's technical expertise and skill?
Myung Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the first data recovery company in Korea that was established on 27th anniversary and it has been acknowledged to solve major cases in Korea and more than 100 data recovery orders are accepted per day.
Engineers are divided into specialized fields like as hard disk parts, memory parts, servers, special tasks, and forensics.
In addition to their own technical training and development, engineers have advanced technology training regularly.
What percentage of data recovery and repair service?
Depending on the product's symptoms, follow-up, damage and product, the percentage of recovery and repair varies.
Sometimes the customers send to us after they have already worked in another company and failed.
In this case, the repair or recovery rate may be low, or inconvenient situation may occur.
So if you send it with the first condition, the success rate will increase.
Is visiting service also supported?
In the case of data recovery and LCD repair, the service is not supported due to problems such as equipment and data recovery environment.
On the other hand, other repair service or training are supported.
For more information, please contact us.
How does the security process work?
The personal information, data, etc. are very important matters, so only authorized employees can access the workplace.
All work places are controlled by fingerprint recognition.
We manage the thorough security services as 24-hour monitoring, fingerprint recognition and door access control.
We also operate individual servers Once data has been retrieved by customer, it will be discarded and deleted within three days, unless otherwise requested.

How does backup work?
If you ship the original HDD and the backup HDD together, we will back it up to your backup HDD when the recovery is successful.
If you are unable to prepare for a backup HDD, we sell it and we can backup it here.
How do I get back to my recovery data?
Only the parties can confirm and we will send our own developed recovery list programs (Myung Data Recovery File Explorer) with mrfl file.
After unzipping the folder, enter the password and you can see the list.
You can change the font size in the upper right corner and can search for the desired file name in the search box. Also the lower right hand side comes with the recovered capacity and the number of folder and file.
Should I pay for work expense if the recovery is failed?
In the case of non-recoverable, there is no additional charge such as work expense.
However, some server recovery and special products may be charged separately.
One solid line appears on the LCD screen.
If one or more solid lines appear on the screen horizontally or mutually, this is a symptom of abnormal IC / TAB.
If you replace the IC/TAB, you can use it as the new product.
The LCD screen is scratched.
The scratches on the screen can be repaired by replacing the polarizer. However, if the LCD screen is broken, you will need to replace the LCD.
The LCD screen is dark, so the contents look dim .
If the screen is dark, it can be repaired. It may be a malfunction of the backlight of the laptop LCD monitor or the inverter may have problem.
A rainbow color appears on the LCD screen.
It is symptom of bad signal system. The monitor consists largely of a power circuit, Inverter, A/D Board, LCD Panel, and Backlight unit (BLU). Among them, the screen issues that appear on the monitor may be the cause of the A/D Board and the panel.
In particular, LCD panels are extremely sensitive to noise and thus it is a big part of the cause of defects.
Most A/D bard or LCD panel repairs are possible, and the above symptom is likely to be repaired. A similar symptom is that the screen appears entirely white or blue.
The old equipment is broken. Can I repair it?
If the maintenance of the old system is difficult, repair, replace or remodeling service is possible like as replace the aged equipment, use the same equipment drive program, etc. For more information, please contact the customer center.