Replacement with new equipment,
cost in case of failure and time required!

Do not worry! We provide total service for discontinued, outdated systems, industrial computers, equipment, and data.

Engineering Service Business Departement

We provide competitive premium services that save your cost and time.

In a fast-changing modern society, if equipment or systems are discontinued or a failure occurs, production may be interrupted and it takes a lot of time and cost to solve the problem.

Based on our technology and expertise in IT field, we provide total service for discontinued OLD SYSTEM and industrial computer, equipment and data to the domestic and foreign customers.

Core competitiveness

1. Technology and know-how for industrial systems produced in and out of the country

2. Various repair equipment

3. On-site inspection and repair service

4. Team up as a professional engineer

5. Customized service for customers - Saving time and cost

Supply industrial special HDD & Storage

We provide various technical services related to HDD, low-volume discontinued products, and hard to obtain products.

DEC(Digital) & NEC HDD Product

RD53, RD32/31, RZ26/28, D3142, D3126, D5126, D3746

Supplying Low-volume PATA & Replaceable SSD of SCSI

PATA 2.5” & 3.5”, Customized SSD with SCSI type

Supplying Storage Emulator

OLD HDD / Tape / FDD Emulator

Industrial / Medical / Communication Format Block size Converted HDD

256 / 1024 / 2048 Block size conversions

Other Storage (FDD, Tape, MO etc.)

5.25”, 3.5” Industrial FDD, Tape Backup Drive, MO Drive Repair and Supply

Data backup / Deletion Solution

We provide the deletion service for preventing the leaking of data and backup against loss of stored data in HDD.

Data backup Solution

Through Image Backup as same as the original OS/Application HDD installed in industrial loader/operation and control system, it helps to prevent the data loss and to perform quick recovery.

If you back up the hard disk in advance and if the hard disk in system is damaged, it helps to reduce the down-time of the system/production line and to improve the productivity.
  • Image Backup Device


Data deletion Solution

Laws are enacted to prevent privacy and corporate secrets, many public institutions and companies are implementing data persistence deletion solutions.

We provide a solution that combines permanent deletion function and delete history (Data service for auditing storage devices)
  1. Data S/W deletion

  2. HDD Degausser

Industrial system repair & upgrade

We provide the technical services like W/S repair and provide the replacement for all industrial computers, including specialized storage systems, discontinued Old System and Industrial MIMI System, Sun, Hp, Digital etc.

  • NEC 98 Series / Fujitsu Hitachi repair / delivery of PCs from Japan

    • PC9801, PC9821, FC9801, FC9821 etc. All NEC Products
    • PC/Workstation from Japan
  • SUN, HP, IBM, Digital Old W/S repair/delivery

    • Digital PDP 11 series, VAX series etc.
    • Hp apollo series, 9000 series etc.
    • IBM PS/2, series, Industrial PS6000 series etc.
    • SUN sparc station series etc.
  • DCS / PLC Industrial Loader / MMI System Repair

    • Siemens, Yokogawa, Foxboro, ABB, Omron, Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, IBM, Rosemount, Honeywell, DEC(Digital)

Necessity for Industrial Upgrade


Monitor / printer repair & modification

Industrial Monitor Repair / Substitute Development

  • Manufacture / Delivery of frequency conversion converter → Used as a general monitor (LCD) for Low frequency band monitor(Horizontal frequency 30KHz or less)
  • RGB converter - Convert RGB BNC input to VGA / DVI (Analog to digital)
  • Produce Video Monitor (15KHz band)

Industrial printer repair / replacement product development

  • Produce Converter → Used discontinued printers and Hard copier for DCS as standard inkjet / laser printers PC using VGA Capture to save printer screen (data) / Possible to Print system → Suitable for maintenance beyond hard copy
  • Compatible with all printers including DOT / Thermal / Line printer / TTY

Industrial Device & PCB Repair

  • DCS / PLC Operation & Control Station Controller Repair

    • Siemens-SIMATIC S5/7,SCADA PLC
    • Foxboro-I/A series
    • Yokogawa-Micro Excel,Centum EXCEL/CS,CS1000/3000
    • ABB-Advant Controller series
    • Fisher Rosemount-DELTA-V,PROVOX,RS-3
    • Mitsubishi-MELSEC series, MASTA-K series, GLOFA Honeywell-PLANTSCAPE,TPS
    • rockwell automation -PLC5,Control/Flex/Compact/Soft Logix
    • OMRON / Schneider /DEC(Digital) etc.
  • W/S Main board & Power Supply repir

    • Power Supply, AC-DC, Converter, Various Inverter / Motor Servo Driver
    • AVR/UPS
  • SCSI I/O controller Repair
    (Network for communication equipment Card / Router etc.)

    • OMTI/NEC